Thursday, September 4, 2008

Title I Posts Schedule on Master Calendar

Title I Meeting Wednesday September 10, 2008 @ SBAB Auditorium 2:00-3:30

South Regional Center October 11, 2008 @ Centennial Middle
South Central Regional Center November 15, 2008 @ Booker T. Washington
North Central Regional Center December 13, 2008 @ Booker T. Washington
North Regional Center January 24, 2009 @ Booker T. Washington
Regional Winners Championship May 2, 2009 @ TBA

Every year either Region 1 or Regions 5 & 6 alternate kicking off the Title I season. Here is an idea to make it fair for all. How about next year instead of the North Regional Center going first, the SC Regional Center goes next and the following year the NC Regional Center and so forth. This way every Region has to start out the year playing their Regional in October.

Another suggestion is to either make these tournaments rated or stop entering USCF ratings to create pairings. This practice rewards children who play in USCF rated tournaments. Either it is a rated tournament or not. It is wrong to pair students using USCF ratings in a non-rated tournament. The swiss-system is designed to find the best player anyway. Let the kids play it out.

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