Monday, May 12, 2008

Edison Park Ties for 1st in K-6 Under 1000

Edison Park Elementary chess club came as close as one can to being crowned national champion. The chess club finished tied with a private school from Philadelphia with 19 points after seven rounds of chess in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania over this past weekend in the K-6 Under 1000 section of the 2008 Burt Lerner K-6 Championship. Edison Park scored 71 to Philly's 78 in the first (Median)tie breaker. EP finished ahead of 30 other schools that included 259 students. Milton Canton scored 6 and tied for 2nd place. He comes home with the 7th place trophy. Woody Jean-Louis scored 5 of 7. Denaric Mikle and Cary Canton both four games.
Olympia Heights tied for 4th place and came home with 9th place (tie breaks). Eduardo Vega scored 5 points. David Lopez and Michael Larroche each won 4 games with William Santos winning 3 of 7. After Saturday, Olympia Heights was in first place. Teacher Ruth Sommerfeld retires at the end of the year after 43 years in the classroom and 13 years teaching chess.
M-DCPS chess was represented by 7 schools and 48 students including Bay Harbor, Everglades K-8, John Smith Elementary, Southwood Middle and Rockway Elementary in Pittsburgh. Congratulations to all.

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