Wednesday, May 7, 2008

M-DADE Schools to attend Nationals in Pittsburgh

Miami-Dade Public Schools will be represented in Pittsburgh at the 2008 Burt Lerner National Elementary Championships this weekend.Schools attending are Bay Harbor Elem, John I Smith Elementary, Olympia Heights,Everglades K-8 Center, Southwood Middle,Edison Park, and Rockway Elementary. Jan Dennard of Bay Harbor says,"Oh my gosh I am nervous. We leave at 5:45 AM tomorrow morning. I am just trying to get us on that plane." In all 7 schools and 48 students are going.


Olympia Heights has 16 students going and Everglades K-8 has 13 students attending. For Edison Park teacher Holly Warco it will be a homecoming of sorts since she is from the "steel city". I predict Edison Park will do very well in th K-6 Under 1000 section. Olympia Heights has 4 fourth graders and 1 third grader in the same section that should do very well too. OH also has 6 kids in the K-5 U900 section. Good Luck to all.

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