Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Gil Luna, Javier Gonzalez, Jeffrey Haskel, and Bruci Lopez

The US Amatuer Team South championship was played over the past weekend and the Foreclosure Doctors squeaked by in the last round to come home with the varnished log. Captain Gil Luna says," Bruci did his job, Javier and I were solid and Jeffrey Haskel was awesome." The Miami contingent was down 1/2 a point gong into the last round and needed a win against the Flaming Flamingos. The Falmingos were lead by Corey Acor and Eric Rodriguez. Haskel beat Rodriguez in an awesome attack according to Luna. "He castled and played g4. He used two Knights and aimed his bishop across the diagonal and overwhelmed Eric", said the Captain.

Individual Winners
Board 1: Bruci Lopez (5-0)
Board 2: Eric Rodriguez
Board 3: Jeffrey De Jesus
Board 4: Michael Corello

Team Results

The Foreclosure Doctors
W20 W6 D12 W9 W2
Flaming Flamingos
W13 W7 W3 W4 L1
W21 W15 L2 W12 W7
Foreclosing Your Castle
W14 W10 W8 L2 D6
W16 L8 D14 W20 W12
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