Thursday, February 28, 2008

Orchard Villa Gets It Going

I recognized Steve Kirby from the chess teachers meeting in September. He is new to teaching chess and asked me to come by. I had a demo board and teaching guides donated to his school. He has a good group that is really into playing chess. He admittedly is still learning too. He said he learned a lot from the presentation. Orchard Villa is very close to Edison Park. I noticed cameras scanning the school from inside the office. I have not seen that at an elementary school. The principal escorted me to the classroom. Mr. Kirby is the sponsor of the 500 Role Models group. Several students had ties and button down shirts. As I was leaving a couple a student escorted me out. I gave him a chess set I had in my trunk. Soon after several others came running....needless to say my trunk is now empty.

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