Monday, February 25, 2008

Neighbors 4 Neighbors Visits Edison Park

On May 17, 2007 the Miami Herald's Neighbors section did a feature on Edison Park and its recent success (I will reprint the article Friday). The reporter Rodolfo Roman contacted his colleagues at Neighbors 4 Neighbors CBS 4. The film crew was at the school Friday shooting and interviewing the students. The exact date of the segment was not immediately announced but will air in the very near future. Art/Chess teacher Webber Charles is on a mission. His ideal is to create opportunities for his students to reach their potential. I can't articulate the positive impact his efforts have had on the students as well as the school.
Additionally, Edison Park placed 2nd in the K-8 section of MICA's Grand Prix this past Saturday behind Rockway. Of note as well, Olympia Heights' K-5 team also did well playing up a section. Edison Park spent a week at MICA this summer sharpening their skills.

It is paying off...not to mention all the tournaments they are attending.

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