Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Miami-Dade Chess Teachers Association

Webber Charles (Edison Park), Fabricio Rivas (Milam K-8), Yalili Aguinaga (Eveglades K-8), Isabel Espinoza (Citrus Grove Middle).
These are the folks that will lead the newly formed M-DCTA. The awesome logo is original and was created by Webber. According to Webber," It is a symbol in which our organization can stand behind. We are committed to quality, excellence, and high standards in all our endeavors." The group is in the process of adopting bylaws, incorporating, setting membership fees, creating a letterhead, business cards and all the other details involved in organizing this body.
I have said all along that in order for the chess program to reach new heights, the teachers have to organize and voice their sentiments. There is power in numbers and there will be no support for chess (administratively) unless it comes from the masses. I mean support that merits the need and current participation. There are over 5,000 students learning and playing chess. It will also help in terms of communication and the association can help guide the direction of chess in the county. The art teacher's association recently met with the superintendent which gives them credibility and visibility. I hope all will support this group and participate.

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